When a Wandering Wildflower Blooms

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Hello my Wandering Wildflowers,

Summertime is the time for wildflowers to bloom, spreading their beauty among every ounce of ground imaginable. Whether it be through the cracks of a mountain ledge, in a sprawling field, hidden among the dune grass on a beach, or wrapped around a fense post of a beautiful home, wildflowers speckle the earth like confetti being thrown in celebration of resilience, growth, and livelihood.

This summer I finally became a piece of wilflower confetti. I bloomed in a place called Ox-Bow school of arts and residency, located in Saugatuck off the shores of Lake Michigan. It was here that I discovered happiness. That darkness I was telling you all about in my last post began to vanish (thank god because it was really getting old you know?). The environment held the nutrients for my personal growth. I rooted myself in my passion of creating from my heart and in the matter of a week, I bloomed into this beautiful wildflower (literally you can ask anyone who has seen me since my trip… I’m f*cking glowing). While I was there, I was growing with every conversation with artists, every lecture, assignment, and project. Every long night in the studio or hike through the woods. Every canoe trip around the lagoon or journal entry scribbled in the pages of a sketch book.

I am sharing this for the wildflowers out there who are wondering when they will bloom. I am writing to tell you that you must do the thing your heart aches for, as that passion holds the nutrients to give you strength to turn from a bud to the most stunning wildflower ever created.

Being in an environment where everyone is creating masterpieces and fully expressing themselves were the nutrients I needed. Being allowed to create from my imagination gave me strength. And if I’m being honest with you, no cellphone reception, no wearing a bra or make-up, and no judgement was pretty damn incredible also and a beautiful role in my self-love, confidence and ability to throw away any f*cks I gave previously.

So for what it’s worth, you should be a wandering wildflower this summer. Go on that adventure. Take that trip. Explore that place, because you never know when you might stumble upon the destination that holds everything you need to bloom.

If you have already bloomed this summer, tell me ALL about it. I want to know your story. Tell me what essential parts of your growth are. What are your passions? Have you explored them lately?!? Comment below or direct message me + spread the wanderlust of the wildflowers with your friends!

Much love,

Paige 🌼

{More pics below of the ground in which I rooted myself in at Ox-Bow}

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The Year of the Wildflower


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Welcome back my wildflowers,

Where did the time go? From letting you know I’d be back to writing in March (and that was in January), to it now being the end of May… I must say I’ve missed my self-expression terribly.

But when a Wildflower is plucked for its beauty, put in a vase, and forgotten about… They die, slowly. That was me. Toxic relationships can do that to you, so for all of my wildflowers out there, beware. For wildflowers are meant to be left in a spacious field of freedom. They must be adored, not picked, and if by chance they are picked for how beautiful they are… I hope the person has the decency to press them between pages of a romance novel where they can be held with love forever. If not, what’s the point?

I made a decision at the start of this year that I would no longer be left to die. I wanted my freedom back, I wanted to grow again. I contemplated sharing all of the information & experiences I have received this year with you all, but for the sake of privacy and wanting to move forward, I am going to leave it be. It’s in the vase with the wilted version of myself.

As of January 2017, I decided I wanted to be planted again. That meant taking what was left of me and having myself be thrown out into the cold winter weather. I can tell you that the last five months of my life have been the darkest, harshest, and coldest months to withstand. But by April, there were many, MANY showers.

I cried a lot in April, searching for something to hold onto. Wondering if the vase was a safer place to be than the soaking wet ground in which I still laid. Then something incredible happened… And just as the saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers”, the sun began to show itself.

By May, I began to grow again. I had only the seeds left of the now dead version of myself to work with. I was starting over. It  took a lot of self-control, self-awareness, and acceptance of my mistakes to allow me to root myself into the dirt. But here we are, it’s the end of May and I am growing.

It may take me another year to fully grow again, but the fact of the matter is: I’M ALIVE. This process is teaching me tremendous things about life itself. It’s showing me that relationships in any form have the ability to stunt your growth, cause wilting to occur in the areas that made you beautiful, and even toss you out into a very cold and dark place… But I am writing this to tell you that YOU. ARE. A. WILDFLOWER.

You WILL bloom again, but it may take shattering the vase of confinement & complacency to get you there. You may layout in the harsh winter surrounded by the dead version of YOU and wonder what the hell happened to get you this far. And you will more than likely look at that version of yourself and miss all of the memories that came with it.

BUT YOU ARE GROWING NOW. You do not have to watch those memories die, you can take them with you and remember all of the good. Unfortunately though, there was too much bad to keep you alive. Too many toxins, too small of a vase, too little care.

This IS the year of the wildflower, come and join me. I would love to share the stories the wildflowers, not just myself, but all of you reading! I want to use my blog as the field in which wildflowers can grow in! PLEASE message me if interested! We can do a photoshoot and interview and I can share as much or as little as you would like! But you are a wildflower for a reason and your story deserves to be heard!

With much love,

A very WILDflower, Paige 🌸

P.S.- I will now blog as regularly as possible as my creativity and clarity of the mind is coming back with every day that I grow! Please stay tuned!


-The lovely little blonde on the left will be the next wildflower to at grow in the field

Stories & Spaces: Time for Self-love

Hello my wildflowers,

This month has been nothing but growing of the heart and soul as I have decided to dedicate not just this month, but the entire year to self-love. I won’t go into too much detail as next month I will have many special things planned to share with you all, but I do wish to discuss this topic as it is going to be the center of my focus for a long time!

If I could give a broad definition of what self-love means, I would… But that is something I think must remain individually defined as everyone wishes to care for themselves in a variety of ways. Personally, I define it as being a wildflower. That is what I am striving for this year. I wish I could tell you all the details within that, but you will have to wait and see!

One important thing I will share about being a wildflower is the ability to care for yourself in a way that creates growth and blooming beauty inside and out. Some ways I care for myself are: 

🌸 Making obtainable daily, weekly, and monthly goals so I can stay focused on specifics instead of getting overwhelmed by the whole. 

🌸 Doing at least one thing I love each and every day. Whether that is taking Max for a morning run, buying fresh fruit to snack on, doing some sticky note art, grabbing coffee with a friend, blasting music and dancing around the apartment, the opportunity to treat myself is daily and endless. 

🌸 I also strive to remember the basics of good health and work to achieve them daily. Drinking enough water, getting enough sleep, and limiting your stressors are so important to stay positive. So far so good as I haven’t been sick once this winter, which means I’m caring for myself even when I feel like collapsing. 

Like I’ve said, I will go into so much more detail next month but I just hope you know that self-love is the most important aspect of life. If you do not love yourself, how can you ever give somebody else your love and happiness?! It’s unfair for both people and therefore you must take at least a year or so to find yourself and spend your 20’s being a little selfish… 

Enjoy the beauty that is you!


2017: New Name, Same Blogger Babes! 

Happy Monday my wildflowers! 🌸

As I predicted, 2017 is starting off with a miraculous amount of change for not only myself, but for everyone around me! And as fearful as change might feel, fresh starts are always needed, especially when it is for your OWN happiness! Some extremely amazing change that has occurred in this last month involves my blogger babes and I! We are so excited to announce that we have changed our name to something more suitable for our content. With that being said we bring you:

Stories & Spaces– a monthly post that features inspirational spaces and stories shared. 

So for January’s story time and inspiration, I hosted a little morning session at my apartment that focused on using creative expression to convey ideas and goals for the year. Some of the questions I asked revolved around summing up your 2017 resolutions into something you can easily reflect upon (we all know how long a resolution list can get). I also asked about a fun adventure everyone is looking forward to taking this year as it ties perfectly into the theme of where my blog is headed!

My personal goals and adventures are listed below:

To sum up my mission for 2017, saying “yes” to new opportunities really just means to make the most of this year and to go confidently in the direction of my dreams. I promised myself that this year I will let go of what I cannot control and instead take on new experiences in replacement of that negativity. So far so good, but the year has only begun! 

An adventure I am dying to take this year is a trip to Seattle, Washington with my dearest friend Emiley! Because if I fall in love with the West Coast… You might just see your girl packing her bags and heading that way! We will see… but getting a taste of the other side of the country is something I have been longing for! 

I cannot wait to share more about my yearly progress and hopefully get the chance to read about everyone else’s as well! Please connect with me, where are you going? What inspires you?

And as always, keep up with my blogger babes and find out what their goals and adventures are for the year ( Simplytess.co, pymblog.com, atouchoftulle.com )

Have a lovely day!


To Me at Eighteen 

For our fourth and final Café Chat of 2016, it was Ally’s turn to host a discussion that she felt tied together all three of our previous discussions on: what inspires you in the world, how to stay mentally and physically healthy and positive and what is your true motivation. Since each topic allowed us to dig into the depth of understanding who we are, Ally came up with the sweet idea to write a letter to our former selves at a time when when we may have not been able to successfully answer questions such as this. We each chose an age to reflect on which not only fits the flow of our discussion but also gave us the perfect opportunity to review the past and present so we can go into 2017 with a fresh mind.

Since we were pretty snowed in, we all met at Ally and Tessa’s apartment for hot chocolate, tea & goodies and chat about how far we’ve come from a time in our lives where we were completely the opposite of who we are now. The age I chose was Eighteen and you’ll find out why. More or less at Eighteen I finally left my hometown where I was born and raised to a place that I had only traveled to for a college visit and orientation… I took off for Grand Valley and my life changed forever. So here is goes…

Dear Me at Eighteen,

You’ve told yourself a thousand times how “beyond ready” you were to leave the only town you ever lived, the only town you’ve ever known to be home. But once you are sent off on your way, it’s going to be a little rough, and that’s okay. Just take all the time you have left to really cherish each moment with your true friends and family because once August rolls around, everything will change.

To me at eighteen, 

The opinions of those around you should not reflect your worth, your beauty, or your capability. There is nothing more narrow minded than the opinion of people who sit around and gossip about you instead of worrying about themselves. Half of those people will not have even contacted you once you leave for college. Trust me, once you are in college, you are essentially a nobody… And it’s kind of amazing for awhile. 

To me at eighteen,

You are finally at college now and do you see what I mean by feeling like a nobody?! Nobody cares how you dress, how you look, or what’s going on in your life. You finally have time to build up confidence…please build up confidence. 

To me at eighteen,

That boy you are falling in love with is a keeper. He will work his butt off for you. He will take care of cooking dinner because let’s face it we’ve always hated cooking. He will love you unconditionally no matter what state of mind you are in… Don’t fear so much that he might not love you, he does. And he will become your lover and very best friend who you will make some of the greatest memories with.

And to me at eighteen,

Maybe you had too much alone time. Maybe you allowed yourself too much reflection. Maybe you actually needed this though. Right now in this moment you are confused, hurt, and realizing everything all at once… But it is NOT the end of the world. Please know you have people who love you so much who would do any little thing to make sure you are okay. You will enjoy the simple things again. You will be happy. You will become confident. And you will genuinely smile again. You just have had so much free time away from the chaos of your daily life in that small town that you are now able to think think about the things you’ve avoided for so long. Embrace this time for reflection because in three years you will FINALLY see the light at the end of the tunnel and you’ve gained even more strength along the way.


Me at twenty. 

P.S.- you don’t even know the half of who you are yet and the person you are in this moment will be vastly different in just a short two years. Don’t worry so much about who you are right then because the journey has only just begun. 

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How I Feel About the New Year

Hello there beautiful souls,

I cannot believe 2016 is coming to a close in a short couple of days and on to the next year we go! And I think it’s safe to say this year has caused the majority of us to feel the need for a fresh start, some more than others. And some feel pretty content with how 2016 turned out… any of these feelings are appropriate but I’d just like to give you some food for thought about this coming year, in hopes that I’m not alone.

For me, 2016 just felt odd. I go off of gut feelings and weird vibes I get, so I really think I attempted to fake it till I made it through this year as I knew what laid ahead felt scary. These feelings I experienced as 2016 rolled in were proven to be true as so many things I did not believe in or feel positively on occurred in the world, leaving me confused, drained, and saddened. But instead of concluding the year on a shit note and just casting away 365 days of life as a terrible tv drama that it was, I reflected on the year and tried to do the best I could to sum it up. What I concluded was:

2016 was a year of true lesson learning as I always believe there is a lesson to be learned in every situation, even the most cruel times. I think many can agree that their eyes were opened to a lot of controversial issues this year, especially the younger generations. So even though I’m ready to close the doors on 2016, I’m taking the positive memories and life lessons with me.

But onto 2017… I have a new feelings. I’ve written it down in letters to my parents, late night messages to friends, and spoken it in conversations for anyone to hear. For me, I believe 2017 is the year of CHANGE. Whether it be positive or negative change, I feel it’s coming and that I should not fear it but embrace it. These last few years of college I’ve dealt with anxiety and depression, causing me to have a hard time leaving my apartment to do things alone, explore unfamiliar places alone, focus on any positives in life, and really struggle with finding value within myself, and I’m sick of it. I feel positively about the change that is coming for me in those aspects of life as I have been building up courage slowly to overcome these mental games I’ve been playing with myself.

But the change doesn’t stop with me, I feel it coming for all of those who are in my life. For my mom, my dad, my love, my family and my friends, I think each person will experience something in 2017 that will truly change the direction of their life and allow them a new opportunity. 

Call me crazy, call me overly optimistic, I don’t care… Change is coming and I’m going with it. 

Hope you have a happy New Year and if you are feeling the same way or throughout the year you have this change occur, I would love to hear all about it! 


P.S.- there is without a doubt change coming to my blog in January of 2017. New style, new name, new layout, same me, more realistic and raw content of the TRUE me… It’s going to be intense to say the least. Hope you continue to follow me on this journey.🌸

Café Chat: It’s all about Motivation

Hello my beautiful souls,

I know it, I haven’t blogged in months! But there’s a reason for everything and mine is college, narrowing in on my last three semesters at GVSU, work, and the main fact that I am in the total process of rebranding again. I love my new name, but it still doesn’t fit me right now, so I have a major plan for both total revamp, and showing my truest self to you all. I want 2017 to be 100% authentic, so I hope you can stick out this last rough month with me, and I promise I have many surprises to bring you soon! 

So to get onto the topic for November’s café chat that is being published for December: It’s All about Motivation… Chosen by Alyssa Waid over at PYM blog! She asked us four different questions related to Motivation and since we all couldn’t meet up for November, Ally from, A Touch of Tulle, and I  met up yesterday to collab on a few of the main points and here is what I came up with for my final answers:

1) what motivates you?

What motivates me the most is to strive to find the lesson in every situation I’m in. Whether it’s positive or negative there is always a lesson to be learned, and I am always in search of it. Secondly, I am motivated to make other people happy, because it makes me happy! It’s as simple as that!

2) Why do you do what you do?

I do what I do to possibly help others learn the lessons of their situations so they can move onto a happier state of mind! I also do what I do because it motivates me further, I’m never satisfied, I’m always striving to be better! You can still be at peace with motivation. I’m not saying where I am at now is a negative place, I’m saying it can still be beautiful, but you can always do more!

3) what makes you a fighter?

What makes me a fighter is knowing that even in the worst of times, a lesson learned is something positive to come out any situation… And like my dad always said, “it could be worse”, when in reality, it really could! So fight to find the lesson and move onto bigger and better things!

4) who’s your biggest role model?

I have to say, if college has taught me anything, it’s to be independent and know your worth… So my biggest role model is my future self. I’m saying that in the least cocky way, but it’s true. I don’t want to be anyone other than myself and society can kiss my ass for telling me otherwise. I don’t want to envy someone else’s life because reality check: you’ll never be them as hard as you try. You have you and that’s it, so why not love and look up to yourself? We all have dreams and goals of where our future self will be, so go ahead and envy that…. That’s motivation at its purest right there! 

So that’s what motivates me! What motivates you?! 2016 is coming to a close and it’s a perfect time to reflect on these questions and prepare for what you want out of 2017! To find out how my lovely café chat tribe answered these questions, go to: